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Searching for a job? Here’s how to find success


Sometimes the hardest part is knowing where to start when looking for a job.

Before you start, it is helpful to get your Resume updated to include all your current skills, work experience and hobbies. Whilst revamping and re-writing your Resume, it is a great opportunity to think about what your dream job might be, possibly using your skills as an influence for this. If you are still unsure about what job you are looking for, you can start to refine the parameters that you are looking within such as location, salary, work from home and flexitime.

Once you have an updated Resume and an idea about what job you are looking for, now is the time to start your job search.

At Fox 8 Jobs, we have all the latest jobs in and around the Ohio area for you to search and apply to.

Our refined job search options allow you to add in your parameters for your ideal job including location and radius from location, salary, sector and job type.

If you are keen to be kept up to date with all the latest jobs that are advertised that match your parameters, you can set up Job Alerts and Fox 8 Jobs Fans will automatically email you when jobs are advertised that match your requirements. If you opt to receive the job alerts instantly, you will also have the benefit of being one of the first candidates to apply.

If there are any local companies to Ohio that you are interested in working for, have a look at our Recruiter Directory, as this lists all our current recruiters who are advertising. Each recruiter has their own profile page, so you can find out more about the company, their benefits and their culture. There is also a link to all the live job adverts that they are currently advertising.


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