At the Cuyahoga County Board of DD (Cuyahoga DD), we recognize that dedicated employees are our greatest resource. Our employees play a key role in supporting and empowering people with developmental disabilities of all ages to live, learn, work and play in the community. High-quality customer service and a positive culture are leading values of our organization. We want to enhance and, at times, improve the life experiences for the people we support. 

Benefits and More: Working at the Cuyahoga County Board of Developmental Disabilities is more than a job---it's a career! The Total Compensation Package is also fantastic and includes extensive PTO, flex working schedules, some remote work, outstanding healthcare benefits, and the unparalleled retirement benefits through OPERS, as well as annual pay increases with the ability to earn performance bonuses, and if that wasn't enough, you will have the opportunity to work in an outstanding work environment as part of a multidisciplinary group of professionals. 

Salary Transparency:  We always list either a base salary or salary range on our job postings, and we want applicants to know that actual starting salaries may be negotiable based on the breadth and depth of the knowledge, skills, and experiences brought by the candidate.  It is the Cuyahoga DD’s intent to pay each employee a salary that is reasonable and competitive based on the market rate for the position, while also considering internal equity and the budgetary constraints.

High Expectations:  Employees of the Cuyahoga DD are asked to hold themselves to high expectations and to help raise the expectations for people with developmental disabilities. We need to encourage people to dream of a future that may not have been available to them before now; to support parents to imagine a future for their sons and daughters that includes working alongside typical peers and earning equal pay; to focus on how people with disabilities are more like us than different from us; to lessen dependence on programs and systems and instead rely on friends, family, coworkers, and neighbors for support and assistance; and to educate our communities and local businesses on the many benefits of including people with disabilities in neighborhoods and in the workplace.

Equal Opportunity, Diversity, and Inclusion:   The Cuyahoga County Board of DD is committed to treating every individual, family, employee, and applicant with dignity, respect and compassion regardless of a person’s sex, ancestry, national original, race, color, age, religion, disability, military or veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity/gender expression, genetic information, or social, economic or political affiliation.

Compassion, trust, and mutual respect are at the core of our commitment to diversity and inclusion.  The Cuyahoga County Board of DD fosters and promotes an inclusive environment that leverages the unique contributions of diverse individuals and organizations in all aspects of our work. We know that by bringing diverse individuals and viewpoints together we can collectively and more effectively create opportunities for a better life for the individuals we support. Diversity and inclusion are at the heart of what it means for people with developmental disabilities to live, learn, work, and play in the community. 

No matter their position, the employees of the Cuyahoga DD are proud to be part of an organization that has made and will continue to make a significant impact in the lives of people with developmental disabilities in Cuyahoga County.  The Cuyahoga DD recruits and retains outstanding individuals who are committed to our mission of supporting and empowering people with developmental disabilities to live, learn, work and play in the community. We seek to attract diverse staff who desire to inspire, to promote abilities and talents, to foster inclusion in  all aspects of community life, and to hold themselves and others to high expectations.  We hope you choose to join our team!  

Cuyahoga DD is an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees.

If you are a person with a disability or are unable to use or access our agency Career Site as a result of your disability, you may request a reasonable accommodation by calling 216-241-8230.